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Raja Yoga “King of all Yoga types”, also known as royal path of meditation/ ashtanga yoga/ the eightfold path, or the eight “limbs”.

Meditation, you can do the meditation only if you have a pure heart. You can’t cheat to yourself.


According to the ancient meditation centres and society, chakras are the energy points of the human body. These chakras are broadly classified into 7 chakras. Starting from the origin of spine to the forehead. Ancient history discuss in details about the importance of the chakras. These chakras are the energy point which is responsible for the flow of energy and proper functioning of body and mind. As we know that healthy body is the home of healthy mind. Healthy mind includes positive thoughts and ignited mind which can learn and use the knowledge for the betterment of life and society.


This is the chakra which is very important for both physical and spiritual formations. It support all other chakras and creates positive energy. Balanced root chakra will make you feel secure and stable. When this chakra get disturbed it will make you experience fear and anxiety with feeling of frustration and insecurity. To balance this chakra physical workout is very important. This chakra is located on the base of spine and affect kidney, intestine and adrenal glands. Color associated with this chakra is red.


It is located next to navel. This chakra affect the physical organs which are kidney and bladder. This chakra is responsible for the desires and pleasure of body and soul. This gives you flexibility in your life. Balanced chakra will strengthen your creativity and intuitions and make you sense strong. When this chakra get disturbed it make you feel like unsettled, frustrated and most of the time you are carried away with over emotions. Meditation for this chakra will make you go with the flow. Color associated with this chakra is orange.

Solar Plexus

It is above the navel and below chest. It affect liver, pancreas and adrenal glands. This is associated with element of fire and helps you to make yourself confident and energetic. When it get disturb others may get control on you and you start fearing rejection. This can be overcome by doing meditation which will help you to turn your negativity into positivity. Color associated with this chakra is yellow.


It is located in the center of the chest. This is the very important chakra which balance both body and mind. This chakra affect heart, blood, thymus glands, immune and endocrine system. This control love, tolerance, and empathy. If this chakra is unbalanced it will make you feel lonely and heart. The color associated with this chakra is green.


It is located at the throat. This chakra affect thyroid glands, parathyroid glands and lungs. This chakra controls psychic communication and ability to judge. If this chakra get disturb or unbalanced it will lead to blocked communication. Will also make you sit in silence. Meditation on this chakra will help you to express your true feelings and emotions. Associated color of this chakra is turquoise blue.


This chakra is at top of the head. This is responsible for controlling spiritualism. Balanced crown chakra will help you to understand spiritual realm and will inclined you towards devine. You get to know your inner self, and help you to enjoy your spiritual experiences. Organs it directly affect are pituitary and pineal glands. This chakra is associated with violet color. Unbalanced chakra will make you more materialistic in nature. Meditation can help to balance this chakra and will help to know the underlying potential.

Third Eye

It is located in the center of forehead. This is the chakra which control wisdom, intuitions, and psychic abilities. Balanced chakra help you to strengthen your imagination power. Out of balance chakra will create fear of success and make you very undisciplined. This chakra affect pineal and pituitary gland. Color of this chakra is indigo.

Raja yoga

In Sanskrit Raja means “king”

So Raja yoga is considered as the king of all yoga types. A king controls his kingdom so as we can control our minds. Raja Yoga teaches us that through some psychological control we can improve our mental powers/strength. Most of the times we take Yoga as physical exercise but Raja Yoga is not a physical exercise but it is a very easy mental exercise. Mantras are not required in this. It directly connects to our mind and soul. Every Yogi must needs to know the types of yoga to get the expected results.


It demands all your impurities to be cleansed first and then only you can proceed further.

Light has great importance for our spiritual contact. By touching our body it cleans all the impurities from our soul. When a sun-glass gets light from the sun then it burns everything which comes underneath it. So if you have faith in God and connected your heart with, then the same light from the God purifies your soul and removes all your shortcomings with this light. This light gives us great energy, real love and maximum comfort.

Yoga – Meditation

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