Yoga – Meditation

If you can meditate in a day for about half an hour then you can connect yourself to peace and get enough spiritual strength in such a way, that helps you in battle of life for one week. You will get enough strength that you can easily fight with the daily “Battle of life”, without any worry and trouble.

Yoga – meditation

Types of pranayama

Nadi shodhan pranayama Nadi shodhan pranayama is also known as anulom vilom. Nadi shodhan pranayama in the Shastras is called the most important pranayama and it has been given the status of nectar. To do this pranayama, first one should breathe from the left nostril;...

How to control Indriyas/Senses

It is not very easy to take control on your Indriyas or sense organs and most of us failed to do that. We think that we can do it by doing meditation but its needs lots of effort and dedication which we miss most of the time. We all in this material world are servant...

Advantages of Meditation

If we talk about benefits of meditation then there are many. Meditation reduces stress, controls anxiety, phobias, social anxiety, paranoid thoughts and promotes emotional health,enhances self awareness, improves memory, kindness, forgiveness, self control, fight...

Meditation process

You can do the meditation only if you have a pure heart. You can’t cheat to yourself . It demands all your impurities to be cleansed first and then only you can proceed further. Light has great importance for our spiritual contact. By touching our body it cleans all...

Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga “King of all Yoga types”, also known as royal path of meditation/ ashtanga yoga/ the eightfold path, or the eight "limbs". In Sanskrit Raja means "king”, so Raja yoga is considered as the king of all yoga types. A king controls his kingdom so as we can...

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