Raja Yoga “King of all Yoga types”, also known as royal path of meditation/ ashtanga yoga/ the eightfold path, or the eight “limbs”.

In Sanskrit Raja means “king”, so Raja yoga is considered as the king of all yoga types. A king controls his kingdom so as we can control our minds. RajaYoga teaches us that through some psychological control we can improve our mental powers/strength. Most of the times we take Yoga as physical exercise but Raja Yoga is not a physical exercise but it is a very easy mental exercise. Mantras are not required in this. It directly connects to our mind and soul. Every Yogi must needs to know the types of yoga to get the expected results.

The eightfold path, or the eight “limbs” of RajaYoga is described in Yoga Sutras by the sage, Patanjali, are: Yama – says don’t do violence, speak truth, don’t steal and don’t search the worldly pleasures. Niyama – says purification, cleanliness and clarity of mind. Asana – Yoga postures, Pranayama – Breathing techniques, Pratyahara – Withdrawal of senses, Dharana – Concentration, Dhyana – Meditation, Samadhi – Super conscious state, enlightenment
Pranayama is a Sanskrit word composed with two words “Prana” means life force or breathe and “Ayama” means control the prana/breathe or suspension of breath, so basically it is “controlled breathing technique”. Pranayama gives us energy, refreshment, clear thoughts, controlling our thoughts. There are six breathing techniques in Pranayama. They are Nadi suddhi, Jeeva suddhi, Prana suddhi, Pandhana suddhi, Kanda suddhi, Soham suddhi.

There are many benefits of Nadi suddhi i.e. blood purification and its circulation, strengthen immune system, strengthen lungs capacity, prevent illnesses like fever, headache, cold/cough, nose illness, improves deep sleep, and brightness to face.
If you follow Rajayoga then you will be able to control your mind the ways you want, you will be able to know what is the right way to speak, live, think and most importantly the way you act to anybody. You will know the right conduct which is known as Sadachara.
Habits of mind and its management:

Raja yoga teaches us that how can we control our minds and how can we improve our knowledge, habits of our mind, mental discipline, enjoying joy of life and happiness by getting inner peace. Mind management is all about the steadiness of mind, we need to make our mind steady then only we can change its course and can turn it in a different direction. Raja yoga is a state of absolute state of mind where you don’t have any thoughts and imagination in your mind. When we have this state then it is called “Meditation”.
Importance of Raja Yoga:

We are living in an era, in which our life is full of stress, tension, nervousness and passion. Here Raja yoga helps a lot by removing these negative things from our lives and bringing peace, happiness and most importantly calmness of mind. With this we can sleep well, eat well, vitality, vigor, improved energy and of course better health.
We can control our mind, emotions, passion, strength, self confidence, greed for power and money, lust for power and selfishness. This is the power of Raja yoga you can easily manage your professional life and personal daily life very easily. You can focus on both at a time. It will transform your weakness into strength, hatred to love, imperfection to perfection, and ignorance to wisdom.