You can do the meditation only if you have a pure heart. You can’t cheat to yourself . It demands all your impurities to be cleansed first and then only you can proceed further.

Light has great importance for our spiritual contact. By touching our body it cleans all the impurities from our soul. When a sun-glass gets light from the sun then it burns everything which comes underneath it. So if you have faith in God and connected your heart with, then the same light from the God purifies your soul and removes all your shortcomings with this light. This light gives us great energy, real love and maximum comfort.

In meditation a new habit is formed, as your mind goes forward in it, then it gives us a new power by which we can see the things through our steady eyes.

Every Yogi have same kind of steady eyes. Their  breathing becomes slow,no winking eyes,slow movement of lungs,heart and abdomen. All this just by doing deep silent meditation. When you goes deep into meditation then the exhalation becomes less and lesser. This exhalation is through the nostrils and differs  from one yogi to another.

When you do meditation then you will have some spiritual experiences. By doing same meditation techniques every aspirant see it differently because there are factors which decides it like, place of meditation, environment, mode of sadhana, sound and light. some people even feel that they are at some other place and even flying in the air or deep in water. everyone sees it differently.

In the beginning an aspirant sees the light in different shapes but as it goes forward you will see it like a flashlight and then it will make you speechless, you will hear no sound, just only the light which is touching your soul deeply. The same happened in Mahabharatha with Arjuna when he sees the virat rupa of Lord Krishna. He was dazzled by seeing that divine light came from the Lord Krishna.

Body consciousness
There are many spiritual experiences in which an aspirant feels that they are disconnected from their body and they feel that they are going beyond body consciousness. They don’t afraid that they come back to their body consciousness or not. In meditation we try to get over this body consciousness.We think that we are bound by our body limitations but when we cross that we feel that we are above this material world. Sometimes we are afraid to do because of going beyond body consciousness.This is not for a weak person, you need lots of courage to do should be fearless and clear by your heart and mind. If you are fearless then it is very easy that you can be pushed in the right direction.

When you do meditation you may see bad spirits with evil faces but if you are fearless then you can command them to “go out”. All this depends upon your will,just stick on your will and they will vanish in the air. they just test your courage and you just need to show them that you have it.

Dreams Vs Meditation
Dreaming and doing meditation are very much similar in nature but still there is a difference. When you do meditation then you are very much clear about  your thoughts,mind, heart and aim. But dreams comes naturally you can see anything in it, as there are no boundaries. It is very hard to control your dreams, it can be done only by controlling our thoughts.You can meditate only when you are awake. You can not be aware of anything in sleep. Only when you wake you get to know that you were sleeping. A dream is only a dream. It is the experience that is  reflecting again in your mind.