It is not very easy to take control on your Indriyas or sense organs and most of us failed to do that. We think that we can do it by doing meditation but its needs lots of effort and dedication which we miss most of the time. We all in this material world are servant of our senses. we act as per the direction of our senses. Eyes want to see beautiful things, nose wants to smell beautiful flavours, and tongue wants tasty food, so we act as per our senses.

Here are few things we can follow to control our Indriyas/senses-

Find out which indriya is demanding and what the need is. Then stop it without any pity.
Remove the things which your indriya wants, remove its thirst.
Follow the discipline of Vak Indriya (organ of speech), speak sweetly, softly, gently and speak the truth. Never use abusive/harsh words to anybody. Talk little but sensible. Take Mauna everyday for at least 2-3 hours.
Discipline of eye (organ of sight), leave the lustful look.
Discipline of ear (organ of hearing), do not indulge yourself into gossip. Do not hear flashy/vulgar music.
Discipline of nose (organ of smell), do not smell distinctive odour.
Take fast for a week, only use water and milk. Don’t eat sugar and salt.
Follow brahmacharya. Use hard mattress for sleeping; do not wear anything on the feet and don’t use umbrella.
Do sadhana by connecting your mind to your God. Remember your Ishta Devata and make a image of him in your mind.